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September 14th, 2015

Meet Ed Skrein, the Enlightened British Action Star of Your Dreams

Interview via Yahoo! Style by Amanda de Cadenet.

It’s not often that I get asked to interview a dude, so when the opportunity arises, I like to say yes. What I found is that Ed Skrein does not fit the mold of a typical actor starring in an action film. In fact, he defied every stereotype and even surprised me (which is hard to do) with his life ethos, easy manner, and spiritual affirmations. Sure, you’ll soon see him tearing things up as the lead in The Transporter: Refueled, but he gave me hope that perhaps, just perhaps, we may be ready for a new kind of man crush — a guy who is as thoughtful as he is handsome. Sounds good, right?

Amanda de Cadenet : Hi, Ed!

Ed Skrein: Hello. That’s a big drink. What is it, a smoothie?

It’s protein powder, almond milk, coffee, and ice, and some kale. It’s how I start my day in L.A.

Very nice, very nice. Similar to mine, but my stuff is separate. I love my porridge with protein in it and my coffee separate.

Yeah, I’m somewhat obsessed with nutrition. … If you want to have a clear mind and a strong body, you’ve got to educate yourself.

A hundred percent. It’s made all the difference to me. I don’t talk about it so much, but it’s a big part of my personal life is nutrition, and it’s almost the most important thing throughout the day, especially with shooting and all that. Yeah, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got the right petrol in your car, you know?

It’s a really simple thing that a lot of people don’t realize. I know you have a kid, you have a son, and I have 8-year-old twins. I can see in them that if I don’t give them the right nutrition they can’t focus as well, they’re aggravated, they get really cranky, they get tired and s—ty, whereas if I give them balanced nutrition … and also teaching them about nutrition, even though they’re little, just so that they know what works for their bodies. Otherwise you’re going against yourself.

Yes, a hundred percent.

Have you always been aware of what your body needed?

No. No, not at all. Actually, I’d say only the last three years I’ve properly experimented, found out what works for me, what sort of calories I need in a day, what sort of things I need for different times that I eat, the days that I am working out, the days I’m not working out, the days that I’m shooting, the days that I’m shooting action compared to the days that I’m shooting dialogue. It’s taken a lot of experimenting, trying different people’s diets and stuff like that and speaking to different personal trainers and nutritionists and just different people.

A lot of my friends that are actors have to put on a lot of weight and muscle for certain roles, and that’s when they’re learning about nutrition and working out. Is it because of your work that you know all of this?

It started as that, yeah, definitely. It started by every job I do I always want to change my body composition, change my body fat, change my muscle mass, change my hair, change my beard, change my posture, and the latter ones, obviously, I can work on myself in isolation, but the body fat and the muscle mass is something that obviously I need outside advice.

So it started with, like, when I did Game of Thrones I really wanted to get lean, be leaner than I’d ever been before. My first role, [in] Ill Manors, I was 97 kilos [214 pounds]. So I was muscle, but I had a lot of fat as well as, I was a bit lump. And then for Game of Thrones I wanted to change it. I knew that we were going to clean shave my beard, I was going to have long hair. I said, right, I’ll switch this up completely. So I lost 13 kilos [29 pounds].

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September 4th, 2015

The Transporter Refuelled’s Ed Skrein: I’m addicted to martial arts

Interview via BBC

British actor Ed Skrein, star of The Transporter Refuelled, has revealed his three new obsessions.
The actor says he’s addicted to three martial arts – Kali, Muay Thai and Krov Maga.

He’s learned the skills for recent film roles, including his part as the villain in X-Men spin-off Deadpool.

“I’m addicted,” he told Newsbeat. “I didn’t have a background in martial arts so I had to work hard to work out that craft.

“I’m very respectful and realise I’m not going to be able to do things meant for 10 or 20 years of training, after just a month or so.

“But since the movies finished filming I’ve continued to train my martial arts.”

Skrein plays Frank Martin in the fourth installment of the Transporter franchise, titled The Transporter Refuelled.
He takes over the character made famous by Jason Statham but doesn’t see it as a reboot.

“I like to keep this romantic, sacred ideal when I’m shooting that it’s not a film, it’s not a franchise,” he said.”I don’t like to watch the monitors. I treat each scene as emotionally honest as I can.”

Next up is Deadpool, the X-Men spin-off featuring Ryan Reynolds, in which Skrein plays the mutant villain Ajax.
The trailer was one of the highlights of Comic Con, with the footage (complete with a swearing anti-hero) getting such a good reaction that it was repeated straight away.
“It was made. We felt like rock stars. We were just so buzzing and it was electric backstage.”
“Everything is made through the eyes of the creator.
“The director Tim Miller is irreverent and Ryan Reynolds (who plays Deadpool himself) is a comedic genius.”

Another upcoming role is alongside Nicholas Hoult in Kill Your Friends.

He was previously the original Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones, appearing in the third series before another actor was brought in for the later seasons.

But what you may not know is he also used to be a musician and rapper but admits those days are behind him.

“It’s a long time since I wrote anything. I can’t even remember how to do it.

“If you’re on set, my trailer is always the loudest. I blare out two step garage, Fela Kuti or Wu-Tang Clan at 5am.
I’m a huge music fan and it’s inside me but I’ve not written anything for four years. It was a beautiful time though.”

September 1st, 2015

Ed Facebook Q&A (Video)

Earlier today, Ed took some time off to do a Q&A via Facebook, here’s the video:

The Transporter Refueled Live Q&A

Posted by Ed Skrein on Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015

Ed Skrein: 5 Things to Know About the Latest Butt-Kicking British Heartthrob

We’ll get to see Ed Skrein ride a Jet Ski in a Christian Dior suit and fight off nine guys around a moving car in The Transporter: Refueled (out Sept. 4), but when he’s not on-screen as lead Frank Martin, the London native is “the most normal dude,” he says.

“I live a very, very, very ordinary life, and it’s a beautiful thing,” the actor, 32, tells PEOPLE. “I have anonymity. I walk around, I’m an absolute nobody, and I love it this way.”

We have a feeling that will soon change! Here are five things to know about the rising action star.

1. He was a rapper and artist before he got into acting.
“I’d already been on a creative journey for a long time through painting and music,” says Skrein, who began acting in his mid-20s when a friend of his asked him to star in a short film.

“He said, ‘Look I think you can do this,’ and said something that sounded ridiculous at the time – ‘You’ve got a film face,’ which felt completely disrespectful to everyone that had been doing it for years and dreamed of being an actor. I just hadn’t ever thought about it!”

2. He’s a dad.
The father to a young son, Skrein says his favorite thing to do when he’s not acting is to spend time with his kid. He loves “being in the playground, taking his friends out and going out for ice cream, and going to the jungle gym,” he says. “Me and my family are really happy, so I’m very thankful.”

3. He used to coach swimming.
“It was a passion of mine and a love of mine,” says the actor. “Whether I was teaching 3-year-olds to swim their first 10 meters, or trying to shave off milliseconds to get national times for an 100-meter butterfly, that was a real passion of mine. It’s genuinely something I miss – working with kids, and being around kids and the energy they gave me.”

4. He prefers to do his own stunts.
“Whenever you read scripts, you think to yourself, ‘How am I going to do that?’ ” says Skrein. “But it always ends up safe, and it always ends up bloody fun in the end. And I always end up wanting to do it, and saying to the director, ‘Don’t have a stunt man do this, I want to do this!’ ”

5. He likes playing the bad guy.
Skrein really enjoyed playing the villain Ajax for the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure film Deadpool, which he stars in alongside Ryan Reynolds.

“Someone like Ajax is great fun because he’s so evil, and he’s so horrible,” he says. “All of those characters that are quite evil are quite fun, because in real life if I see a fight it makes me feel sick, but when you’re in a controlled environment and you know people aren’t getting hurt, it’s a fantastic environment to torture people and beat people up and kill people, and do all of these horrible things that we wouldn’t dream of doing in normal life!”

From People.com. The annual Ones to Watch portfolio will be on newsstands on September 18th.

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